North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer says impeachment hearing of President is justified

FARGO (WDAY) - U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer says he approves of House Republicans conducting an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden’s conduct.

Speaking on The Steve Hallstrom Show, on WZFG “The Flag” Radio in Fargo, the two-term Republican from North Dakota said, “It’s not our fault that the FBI didn’t do their job for five years.  And so the fact that the House is now unearthing this stuff, of course it’s appropriate to look into a possible impeachment.” 

Cramer says House investigators believe there is evidence that Joe Biden has committed serious crimes, and while some colleagues have indicated that impeachment hearings might be a poor choice of direction, Senators need to do what is needed whether it seems like the right time or not.  “Do we expect our police officers to pull over for a lunch break on their way to a crime?  Of course not.  Do you think it’s convenient for me to get on an airplane and fly out here every Monday?  Of course not.  If we’re doing these jobs for our own convenience, shame on us.”

Cramer says House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California) has only indicated that he’s open to a possible inquiry, which seems entirely reasonable.

“He’s simply talking about an inquiry after the committee of jurisdiction has found evidence of fraud, evidence of possibly representing foreign governments, and taking bribes from the Communist party. I mean, these are not trivial things.”

But Cramer says it’s not just about the Biden family.  “To me, the greater crime here is the Department of Justice.  The fact that they would be complicit in covering up crimes like this, and even denying them, and then cutting sweetheart deals with the President’s son while he’s living in the White House; it’s disgusting and that’s what concerns me.  I get that the Bidens tried to get by with stealing a bunch of money or whatever the case might end up being, what I don’t accept is that the Department of Justice tried to hide it from the American people. And we have this two-tiered system of justice and we‘ve got to stand up to it.”