Bus Driver shortage across region continues to be a challenge

West Fargo, ND  -  School officials in West Fargo are echoing administrators across the state who are still dealing with a bus driver shortage.  

West Fargo Public Schools are still 20 drivers short with the school year starting in just a few weeks.  Walk zones have been expanded to a mile for elementary school kids and a mile and a half for middle and high school students.  

West Fargo Schools Transportation Director Brad Redmond says Baby Boomers are aging out of the pool of drivers and they've not been able to replace them.

The driver shortage extends beyond just the red river valley, about 88% of schools across the country are dealing with bus driver shortages, according to a survey from HopSkipDrive, a school ride-service company.

A nationwide shortage of bus drivers means routes are being eliminated, walking boundaries are being expanded and students are facing longer travel and wait times.