Fargo Police: Robinson did not violate use of force

Zachary Robinson | Photo Courtesy: Fargo Police Department
Zachary Robinson | Photo Courtesy: Fargo Police Department

(FARGO) – Fargo Police announced Thursday that it has completed its internal investigation into the officer-involved shooting of Mohamad Barakat by Officer Zachary Robinson.

Robinson, a seven-year officer with the Fargo Police Department, had been previously cleared of any wrongdoing by North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley. On Thursday, Fargo Police Deputy Chief Joe Anderson, who heads the Department’s Professional Standards Division, released the findings of the internal investigation done by Fargo Police.

“We did not find any use of force violations from Officer Robinson,” Anderson said. “We looked at it from many perspectives. It came down to what the subject’s actions were at the time. We looked at the immediacy and the severity of the threat.”

Anderson said the department had “things we can learn and improve on,” but said Robinson’s “tactical approach and training was spot on.”

Fargo Police Chief David Zibolski called Robinson’s actions “an act of extreme courage and valor,” and added, “It wasn’t even a hesitation when his (Robinson’s) gun went empty, he went to reload.”

Zibolski said Robinson has completed the mandatory psychological check-in and has returned to street patrol.

“Officer Robinson is doing very well overall,” he said. “We are encouraged and happy to see his progress.”