Trooper Austin Yancy, we salute you!

Trooper Yancy is a three-year veteran of the ND Highway Patrol (NDHP), working at the Fargo Police Department and for a local ambulance service as a paramedic prior to employment with the NDHP.  Trooper Yancy began his career with the NDHP as a traffic trooper in Rugby and transferred a little over a year ago to the Fargo post as a traffic trooper.  In Trooper Yancy’s short time with the NDHP he has established himself as being a positive teammate and is encouraging of others.  Because of his time at Fargo PD and with an ambulance service, he brought with him to the NDHP an additional skill set and exposure to other police work than what a normal trooper experiences day to day.  These skills he willing shares with others and can be a go-to person for supervision in the agency for certain types of calls we respond to.

Trooper Yancy’s knack is in the realm of criminal enforcement of both impaired drivers and illegal narcotics.  Each day, Austin seeks out opportunities to make our communities safe by removing impaired drivers from our roadways.  Trooper Yancy is a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), which affords him additional training in the identification of impaired drivers.  He utilizes these DRE skills during his own traffic stops, looking for the slightest indicators of impairment, and he is a resource for other troopers and surrounding agencies by conducting DRE evaluations after arrests are made.  Trooper Yancy is committed to his role as a DRE and comes out on his time off to assist with these evaluations to ensure proper prosecution of drug-impaired drivers.  During the past twelve months, he has removed 37 DUI drivers from the roadways. 

Trooper Yancy is also adept at locating violators that are transporting narcotics.  Trooper Yancy regularly goes beyond the reason for the traffic stop and removes illegal drugs from our streets.  In the past 12 months, he has completed 204 arrests for drug-related crimes, 30 of which were felony-level drug crimes.  This type of enforcement effort is unparalleled within the NDHP and Trooper Yancy sets himself apart from others with his DUI and drug enforcement.  Austin is committed to making our streets and communities safe for all that use our roadways and from keeping dangerous drugs out of our communities. 

Traffic enforcement is another strength of Trooper Yancy’s.  The NDHP Mission is to make a difference every day by providing high-quality law enforcement services to keep North Dakota safe and secure.  His DUI and drug-related enforcement help keep ND safe and secure, as does his traffic enforcement which again is unparalleled.  Trooper Yancy takes each enforcement opportunity to change behaviors and educate the public.  Some of the more common crash causation factors in ND involve speeding, right of way and occupant protection violations.  These are paramount to his enforcement efforts each day, and he is a leader in overall enforcement of these violations.  Trooper Yancy changes behaviors with his enforcement, which keeps our roadways and communities safe.

Trooper Yancy upholds our core values of loyalty, integrity, commitment, respect, accountability, and professionalism.  He is proud to wear his uniform each day, of the work that he does, and working alongside the other fine women and men of the NDHP.

Thank you Trooper Yancy for helping keep our community safe & sound!


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