Fargo Public Schools official: "Catalyst Approach" signs removed from campuses

(Fargo, ND) -- A representative with Fargo Public Schools says the district has removed signs in the district that were subject of complaints coming into the WDAY Radio newsroom.

The sign is titled "Catalyst Approach", and includes the directives to "enter silently, walk slowly, keep your eyes down, and interaction should be brief and use a private voice". 

WDAY Radio Now contacted a school district spokesperson, and requested an interview to learn more about the Catalyst Approach.

Our request for an interview was turned down, but district Communications Officer AnnMarie Campbell informed us that all schools in the district use the Catalyst Approach.

Campbell also provided a written statement.

"Fargo Public Schools offers professional development to teachers at all schools in ‘The Catalyst Approach,’ which are classroom management strategies.  The Catalyst Approach focuses on empowerment strategies to build relationships that improve classroom interaction and instructional management. The Catalyst Approach website is available at: www.thecatalystapproach.com/.

Recently, the Fargo Public School District was made aware of some old signage posted in buildings from a nonverbal communication classroom management training from the company called ENVoY. The signage and ENVoY are both out of date and are no longer used in Fargo Public Schools. The intent of the sign and the language on the sign did not align with the practice and student engagement strategies occurring in our schools. The remaining signs have been taken down.

The Catalyst Approach provides improved classroom and school leadership, relationships, and culture amongst both staff and students at each building. We have adopted this approach due to its impact on fostering a positive and engaging learning environment in our schools. By emphasizing nonverbal cues, body language, and proactive strategies, The Catalyst Approach equips our teachers and staff with tools to establish clear expectations, enhance student engagement, and prevent disruptive behaviors. The approach empowers educators to effectively manage their classrooms while promoting student equity, autonomy, and self-regulation."

WDAY Radio Now will follow up with district officials to learn more about the Catalyst Approach.