North Dakota Public Service Commission chairman: more public input will be sought for Summit Carbon's CO2 pipeline project

(Fargo, ND) -- The North Dakota Public Service Commission continues to review a re-submitted permit application from a new CO2 Pipeline Project. 

"This isn't about whether we think a project is a good idea or a bad idea. That's why I talked about the laws specific for various types of projects. We just hold hearings and determine whether they the standards of the law," said Public Service Commission Chairman Randy Christmann, while talking about the commission's review of the permit application submitted by Summit Carbon Solutions. 

The commission denied Summit's first permit application in early August, partly because of concerns about the pipeline's proximity to Bismarck. 

Christmann did not say when the commission might reach a decision on the application, but said additional public input will be requested. 

Christmann appeared on The Flag's "What's on Your Mind".