Cass County Sherriff's Office talks about the use of drones

 Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner and Deputy Bryce Newnan came on the Coffee Club earlier is morning to discuss the use of drones within the Cass County Sheriff's Office. 

Deputy Newnan talked about how they aren't just given a drone and go, they are essentially commercial pilots but instead of a plane they are piloting a drone. To plot a drone like this you must be registered with the FAA and go through training on the device it self before the pilot can use it in the field. To fly the drones within the city it must cleared by air traffic control which according to Deputy Newnan isn't hard to do but it is a process that must be followed. Drones are used in crime scenes, search and rescue, crash photography, and many more. The size of the drones vary from smaller size to the ones of the size of a card table. They can keep their drones in the air for an extended period of times, this can help in a search for a missing person and save that persons life int eh process. 

Sheriff Jahner backs the drone program because of the lives they have saved and helping keep the public safe. "They are an asset to what our overall mission is."