500 pounds of explosives set to go off Saturday morning near downtown Fargo

Five hundred pounds of explosives are set to go off Saturday morning near downtown Fargo. 

"They push the button at seven o'clock and they said within a minute the whole thing is going to be done. The dust will be clearing. They will make sure that all the explosives went off," said Chris Brungardt, CEO of Fargo Housing and Redevelopment.

He talked about the planned demolition of the iconic Lashkowitz High Rise while appearing on Bonnie and Friends on WDAY AM 970.

The 204 foot tall structure has stood for more than 50 years at 101 2nd Street South. 

It's coming down to make way for a new housing development. 

Brungardt says the city has ordered a temporary evacuation in the blocks surrounding the building running from 5:30 to 9:30 a.m. Saturday.