City Commissioner says he's concerned with the City of Fargo Budget

Dave Piepkorn | Photo Courtesy: City of Fargo
Dave Piepkorn | Photo Courtesy: City of Fargo

(Fargo, ND) – One Fargo City Commissioner is speaking out with concerns regarding the City’s budget, which passed 4-1 at Monday’s Fargo City Commission.

Commissioner Dave Piepkorn said he’s concerned with the homeless individuals coming to Fargo.

“What we’re going to be doing is adding more and more programs,” he said. “And their view is, the more homeless people we have in Fargo, the more successful.”

Piepkorn said it’s the taxpayers who are left to fund the programs.

“This will impact people on a fixed income, or low income, the most,” he said.

Piepkorn says he has not found anything that will benefit the City, and its residents, in the budget.

“We need to reduce spending. And that’s what you do, as a leader, when you have a budget shortfall,” he said. “There is not one reduction in spending in any department. How difficult is that? All they did is raise taxes and fees.”

Piepkorn said the property tax increases being passed onto the residents is “going to be creating homelessness.”

“This is a liberal plan. What they want to do is eliminate the middle class,” he said. “They want us to be dependent on the government. They want the ultra low class, that are depending on the government, and then the ruling elites. That’s what they’re trying to do.”

Piepkorn made the comments Tuesday while appearing on The Steve Hallstrom Show on The Flag.