Salvation Army Major says controversial race guide not impacting local Red Kettle campaign

(Fargo, ND) -- Major Abe Tamayo with the Fargo Moorhead Salvation Army says their Red Kettle Campaign last December hit 88 percent of their fundraising goal, taking in a little more than $836,000. 

"The number one cause that I hear from donors and read on social media and such is inflation, that the inflation is affecting people's ability to give and their ability to share and they're fearful of that spending trend," said Tamayo. 

Tamayo says 2023 was the second year in a row in which the local Red Kettle Campaign came up short of the fundraising goal. 

Tamayo says he doesn't believe a controversial guide about race distributed by the Salvation Army at the national level in 2021 is impacting local giving. 

The guide "Let's Talk About Racism" suggested white people apologize for their race. 

The Salvation Army national office has since withdrawn the guide.