EXCLUSIVE: Source: judge rules against City of Fargo's ban on gun sales in residential neighborhoods

(Fargo, ND) -- UPDATE: Gregg Schildberger, the city's Chief Communications Officer, provided a written statement to WDAY Radio: 

“The City of Fargo believes its position to be valid and is disappointed with today’s District Court ruling. North Dakota law affords a 60-day window in which to appeal and the City’s legal team will be meeting with the City Commission in the near future in executive session to determine potential next steps on this matter.”


A North Dakota state lawmaker has informed WDAY Radio that Cass County Judge Cherie Clark has ruled against the City of Fargo in the city's efforts aimed at banning gun sales in residential neighborhoods.

The question was whether state law can override the city's ban on gun sales in residential neighborhoods.

In April 2023, Governor Doug Burgum signed House Bill 1340 into law.

The law forbids local municipalities from enacting any zoning ordinances related to the purchase or sale of firearms and ammunition.

WDAY Radio has not yet received a response from Fargo City officials to our request for comment.

This is a developing story.