Fargo selects new bus wrap from FPS student submissions

Courtesy: City of Fargo
Courtesy: City of Fargo

(Fargo, ND) -- Users of MATBUS will see a new vehicle going into the 2024.

The top design was selected from Ben Franklin Middle School student Kaylee Trana. It features Fargo's Red River Zoo Red Pandas relaxing along the Red River and enjoying downtown Fargo. Utilizing the phrase "Far Go Green", Trana won $500 for her top-rated selection.

The top three art pieces were submitted from the following students.

1) Kaylee Trana, age 12

Slogan: Far “Go” Green!

Grade: 7

School: Ben Franklin Middle School


2) Mya Houston, age 14

Slogan: Conserve, Protect, Create

Grade: 9

School: Fargo Public Schools Virtual Academy


3) Elizabeth Toomey, age 14

Slogan: Grow Wild Together

Grade: 9

School: Homeschool


You can find more information by clicking here. Additionally, you can see the submissions by clicking here