MATBUS to accept aluminum cans in addition to typical fare for Earth Week

Photo by: WDAY Radio Staff
Photo by: WDAY Radio Staff

(Fargo, ND) -- MATBUS is accepting cans instead of fair fees for Earth Week.

Between April 22nd and 27th, you can get your "Can" on the bus by donating one aluminum can for the fixed route vehicles. In 2023 this brought in a total of 163 pounds of cans, with the recycling proceeds being donated to the Homeward Animal Shelter. 

MATBUS also provided the following information related to environmental sustainability. 

  • One MATBUS vehicle full of people can remove up to 50 cars from the road – a line of cars approximately four city blocks long. This not only helps reduce traffic on roads, but also lessens the negative impacts of cars on the environment.
  • Riding public transportation instead of using a personal vehicle is one of the most effective ways for citizens to reduce their individual carbon footprints. Bus transit produces 33% less greenhouse gas emissions per passenger mile than the average private vehicle.
  • Public transportation supports compact land development, which reduces sprawl and keeps more land for green spaces like parks and agriculture.