Minnesota lawmakers reach tentative agreement regarding unemployment insurance and frontline worker pay

Courtesy of: Minnesota House of Representatives
Courtesy of: Minnesota House of Representatives

(Minneapollis, MN) -- Minnesota leaders are another step closer to reaching a deal regarding unemployment insurance and frontline worker pay. 

The tentative $500 million dollar deal would provide hazard pay for frontline workers. It would also alocate $2.7 billion dollars to stabalize the state's Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund. It would also prevent tax increases on small businesses, which suffered greatly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Minnesota continues to show the country that despite our differences and disagreements, a divided legislature can come together to get things done for the people of our state,” said Minnesota Governor Walz. “I am proud of this bipartisan agreement to provide hazard pay to frontline workers and relief for small businesses owners, both of whom sacrificed a great deal during the pandemic to keep their communities safe and our economy strong.”

“Our highest priority was ensuring that workers who were on the front lines of COVID receive the bonuses they were promised nearly a year ago,” said Speaker Hortman. “I'm pleased we were able to finally reach an agreement with Senate Republicans to deliver these bonus checks — at double the amount agreed to last session. As a result, 667,000 Minnesota frontline workers will be eligible for $750 bonuses."

Funding for the bill would come from the federal American Rescue Plan.