Disney CEO calls Governor DeSantis 'Anti-Florida'

Photo by: Governor Ron DeSantis - Facebook
Photo by: Governor Ron DeSantis - Facebook

(Orlando, FL) -- Despite differences with Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, Disney still loves Florida.

That's what CEO Bob Iger said Monday at the annual shareholder's meeting.

He said Disney respected and appreciated what the state has done for it, but he also said any action taken to slow the company's growth, simply out of retaliation, sounds anti-business and anti-Florida.

Iger also says dissolving Disney's governing board was punishing the company for exercising a constitutional right, and it seems really wrong to do that, especially against a company that means so much to the state.

Iger projects Disney World will welcome 50 million visitors this year. Long term, the company plans to spend 17 billion dollars and create 13-thousand jobs over the next decade.