Elon Musk: Twitter is "roughly breaking even"

Photo by: Twitter
Photo by: Twitter

(San Francisco, CA) -- Elon Musk says Twitter is "roughly breaking even" since he acquired it in October.

In an interview with the BBC, the CEO said he sometimes sleeps in the office and that the workload and stress levels have been high. He called it "quite a roller coaster."

Lawmakers and regulators have pushed back against various decisions from Musk, including his changing the social media platform's rules to curb misinformation spread.

Most recently, his plan to change Twitter's verification process has faced criticism. The blue check used to mean the account was proven to be a public figure's official social media, but now anyone who purchases a subscription to Twitter Blue will have the symbol.

Musk also told the BBC he's laid off about 80-percent of Twitter's staff since he took over the social media company six months ago.

Twitter now has only 15-hundred employees, down from nearly eight-thousand when he acquired the company in October.

Musk bought Twitter for 44-billion dollars.


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