Burgum will appear on debate stage despite injury

Photo Credit: Paul L. Gleiser
Photo Credit: Paul L. Gleiser

(MILWAUKEE, WI) -- Despite an incident in a pickup game of basketball Tuesday night with family and members of his campaign, Governor Doug Burgum will take the stage tonight in the first of the GOP Presidential Debates at Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, WI.

"He will be on the debate stage tonight talking about his vision for America economy, energy, national security, and he's really looking forward to it," Lance Trover, a campaign spokesman for the Doug Burgum campaign told The Flag's Steve Hallstrom. Burgum was playing basketball at a local university "that has a great reputation for basketball," and was 'going hard to the hoop' when he was injured.

In the hours since the debate, many questions came about wondering if, should he need it, accommodations would be made for the 67-year-old Republican Governor from North Dakota. Trover confirmed that Burgum "fully intends to stand and be 100 percent involved in the debate." He said officials with the debate have committed to providing a stool for during the breaks -- if he so chooses to use them during commercial breaks. Trover said the Republican National Committee, Fox News and the other participating candidates "have been very gracious and kind throughout this process, and very understanding."

Burgum said he will not be using any painkillers tonight at the debate.

"I am a person who, in my lifetime, has stayed as far away as I can from any kind of prescription painkillers," he said. "Because I don't the cognitive issue."

Burgum said he's confident in the medical professionals he has dealt with in the past 24 hours.