Menendez confident he'll be exonerated; explains seized cash 

(Union City, NJ) -  New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez plans to fight the federal corruption charges he was hit with on Friday and remain in office.  

Menendez spoke out today for the first time since being accused of accepting cash, gold bars and gifts in exchange for using his influence to help businessmen and the government of Egypt.  

Menendez says this will be a big fight and he's confident he will not only be exonerated but will remain New Jersey's senior senator.  

He also criticized the fellow Democrats who called for his resignation.  

He says they rushed to judge him before all facts are out.

Meanwhile, Menendez is trying to explain the hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash prosecutors say the FBI found in his clothing in his closet during a raid of his home.  

Menendez says he's withdrawn cash from his savings account for decades for emergencies and because of history of his family facing confiscation in Cuba.  

He says he looks forward to addressing other issues at trial.