Biden administration signs executive order aimed to protect U.S. from several AI posed problems

Courtesy: White House Press Room
Courtesy: White House Press Room

(Washington, DC)  --  President Biden is issuing an executive order to manage the risks posed by artificial intelligence.  

The order requires companies building the most advanced AI systems to perform safety tests and share results with the federal government before launching their products. Federal agencies will also be required to use risk management practices when using AI that has the potential to impact people's rights or safety. Additionally, the order requires protections to be put in place to prevent usage of AI to engineer potentially dangerous biological material, and AI-enabled fraud and deception.

The order also calls for enhancements on cybersecurity programs to find possible critical vulnerabilities in software, and create a National Security Memorandum to further guide AI security.

"As AI’s capabilities grow, so do its implications for Americans’ safety and security. With this Executive Order, the President directs the most sweeping actions ever taken to protect Americans from the potential risks of AI systems," said a spokesperson from the White House Communications Team. 

The order also includes several actions to ramp up the development of AI in the U.S. that are trustworthy and secure. You can find additional information by clicking here