U.S. avoids partial shut down, pushes deadline to March 8th and 22nd

Courtesy: White House Press Team
Courtesy: White House Press Team

(Washington, DC)  -- The Senate is approving a short-term funding bill to avert a partial government shutdown this weekend.

The legislation kicks two government funding deadlines to March 8th and March 22nd, buying lawmakers more time to come to an agreement on appropriations bills.  

"This bipartisan agreement prevents a damaging shutdown and allows more time for Congress to work toward full-year funding bills. That’s good news for the American people, "said President Biden in a statement following the signing of the agreement. "I want to be clear: this is a short-term fix—not a long-term solution. In the days ahead, Congress must do its job and pass full-year funding bills that deliver for the American people."

Senators voted 77-to-13 to send the measure to the desk of President Biden.

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