Exclusive: Donald Trump speaks on Super Tuesday expectations, potential Doug Burgum VP pick, the 2020 election, Israel, and more

Courtesy: White House Press Team
Courtesy: White House Press Team

(Fargo, ND) -- Donald Trump is sharing an update on his expectations for Super Tuesday, his decisions on a potential Vice President pick, risks within the U.S., and a wide variety of foreign policy positions in an exclusive interview with AM1100 The Flag.

Former President Donald Trump spoke in an exclusive conversation with The Flag's Scott Hennen. The candidate spoke about his expectations for Super Tuesday, the day which most primaries take place across the United States. 

"We have set a record in almost every state so far," said Trump on his national caucus bids so far, only losing one caucus in Washington D.C. on Sunday.

The conversation quickly moved on to potential Vice President candidates, to which Trump was asked about North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum and his chances at being his partner during the election and a possible future presidency. 

"I'm holding off on that, I'm not anywhere close to making a final decision on it," said Trump. "I can tell you one thing. [Burgum] would be very good at it, he would do a great job. He's a fantastic person and he's really been a great governor."

Speaking on state politics, Trump also spoke highly about Senator Kevin Cramer and Gubernatorial candidate and House Representative Kelly Armstrong in their respective races. However, he stopped short of endorsing either individual.

"They do have my support and they are very good people. Very excellent people," said Trump, speaking about both Cramer and Armstrong. He continued by speaking about Senator Cramer, saying, "He's done such a fantastic job and I think I was instrumental for getting him to run for that position. He's really been a great senator. Very respected in Washington."

Trump also was asked about the 2020 election. He repeated claims that the election was stolen, but also stated there will be more protections in place. "We have many more safeguards."

"It was a rigged election, no doubt about it. In my mind there's no doubt about it and it was badly rigged. We are not going to let it happen again," said Trump." [It] was so bad for our country. All of the things, Russia wouldn't have happened, Israel wouldn't have happened, meaning the attack. You wouldn't have had inflation because it was caused by energy and I had energy prices way down."

Finally, Trump spoke on topics related to ongoing conflicts and foreign policy. Regarding Ukraine, he said the conflict would have never happened under his presidency, "I know Putin, I talked to him about it, I talked to him about Ukraine. Ukraine was the apple of his eye but he would have never done it if I was President. Speaking on Israel, he stated the October 7th attack was a "horrible thing", and that the IDF has to "finish the job" when it comes to dealing with Hamas. 

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Monday, March 4, 2024