Senator Cramer delivers National Police Week floor speech, honors Fargo Police officer Zachary Robinson

(Washington, DC) – Amidst the National Police Week events, North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer delivered remarks on the United States Senate floor, commemorating National Police Week and honoring Fargo Police officer Zachary Robinson, who was named TOP COP award recipient.

Robinson received this award in recognition of his heroism and bravery last summer when officers with the Fargo Police Department were ambushed while investigating a traffic crash. Officer Robinson is the first member of North Dakota’s law enforcement community to receive the prestigious recognition. Officer Robinson and his wife were in the Senate Gallery during Senator Cramer’s speech.

“On July 14, 2023, nearly a year ago, Officer Robinson was one of four officers to respond to a routine fender bender. As the officers were wrapping up their handling of the accident, Officer Robinson moved his police vehicle out of the street,” Cramer said. “A shooter, who was not involved in the initial accident, ambushed the officers, firing on them and bystanders. The shooter hit Zach’s three fellow officers, killing Officer Jake Wallin, and gravely injuring Officers Andrew Dotas and Tyler Hawes, both of whom attended the TOP COPS Banquet with their spouses. Zach radioed to ‘send everybody’ as he engaged in a shootout with the assailant.”

Cramer said the death toll likely will never be known had Robinson not done his courageous act.

“Officer Robinson was literally the last man standing, but he did not hesitate as he moved toward – not away from – but toward gunfire, putting himself between the shooter and the innocent, finally fatally wounding the assailant This senseless, premeditated attack targeted police officers who were simply doing what they do, their jobs, protecting and taking care of citizens in need,” he said. “Evidence collected in the investigation revealed the shooter’s fixation on mass shooting events, and his likely intent to perpetrate an attack at a large event like the Downtown Fargo Street Fair that was going on just a few blocks away or in the next community over, the Red River Valley Fair.”