Trump deletes shared post that includes reference to "unified reich"

Courtesy: White House Press Team
Courtesy: White House Press Team

(WDAY Radio)  --  Former President Trump has shared a video on his Truth Social account that included a reference to a "unified reich" if he is re-elected.  

The term, which means realm, kingdom, or empire, is considered a reference to the Third Reich rule of Adolf Hitler during the 1930s.  The 30-second video posted Monday asked what would happen if Trump won, with the background showing front pages of hypothetical newspapers.  Some of the headlines included things such as the border closing and economy skyrocketing, with slightly blurred text below reading "Industrial strength significantly increased ... driven by the creation of a unified reich."  

A Trump campaign spokesperson said the video was not made by the campaign and was shared by a staffer who did not see the word while Trump was in court. Trump deleted the post later Monday. 

Meanwhile, the Biden campaign said that Trump is telling America that if he is re-elected, he intends to "rule as a dictator over a 'unified reich."