North Dakotan gas climbs 11 cents in one week

Courtesy of: AAA
Courtesy of: AAA

(Bismarck, ND) -- Gas prices across the state are continuing to go up across North Dakota.

The information comes from AAA in North Dakota. The state currently sees average prices sitting at $3.50 at the pump. Nationwide, gas averages out to cost $3.73 per gallon. 

Those numbers have fluctuated heavily since even yesterday, with prices in North Dakota sitting at $3.44 per gallon and national prices hitting $3.65 per gallon. A change of six and eight cents respectively. The state and nationwide average comparisons become more drastic the farther you look. A week ago, the average prices per gallon in North Dakota and across the nation were $3.39 and $3.53 respectively. That is an 11 cent difference across the state and a 19 cent change across the United States. 

Several counties are seeing higher averages too. The highest price average can be found in Dunn county, where gas will usually cost you $3.73 per gallon. The lowest average prices in the state are found in Sargent county, where you can expect a station to sell you gas at $3.382 per gallon. 

AAA publishes prices at the pump daily, which you can find by clicking here.