Detroit Lakes Chamber of Commerce president shares upcoming city events

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(Detroit Lakes, MN) -- Detroit Lake leadership is sharing information about upcoming events in the city.

Detroit Lakes Chamber of Commerce President Carrie Johnston spoke with WDAY's Bonnie and Friends to share details about Art in the Park and WE Fest. Johnston says Sunday will be extra busy, with a one-day-only event.

"On Sunday, we're filling the DL city park down by the pavilion and the city beach, we've got the Art in the Park coming, "said Johnston on WDAY's Bonnie and Friends, "It's nice to do some shopping from the shade of the trees and of course we've got food trucks and picnic tables. It's just a nice time to spend a Sunday afternoon in Detroit Lakes."

"We are also getting ready for We Fest [which is] coming soon. "said Johnston, "We've been welcoming guests for WE Fest since 1983, so we love We Fest, it's fun to see the town fill up, and its really fun to hear all of the country music come to town."

You can learn more about events in Detroit Lakes by clicking here

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Thursday, July 21, 2022