Jensen stands behind remarks comparing COVID, Nazism in Minnesota

Photo by: Dr. Scott Jensen
Photo by: Dr. Scott Jensen

(Minneapolis, MN) -- Republican candidate for governor Dr. Scott Jensen is standing behind remarks he made comparing COVID-19 guidelines to Nazi activities in the 1930s.

Jensen made the remarks at an April Mask Off Minnesota event, making reference to the Holocaust, Kristallnacht, and Nazi Germany.

Jensen posted a Facebook video Tuesday defending the comparison, saying he won't be intimidated by "thought police." Many state and group leaders condemned the remarks, including Jewish Community Action Executive Director Beth Gendler.

Governor Walz's campaign manager issued a statement, calling Jensen's comments "outrageous" and "unacceptable."

Jensen says he thinks it's a 'legitimate comparison,' and said it may not 'strike your fancy,' but said he is standing by his comments.