North Dakota Legislature: Bills involving trans people, retirement, mobile homes being considered

Photo by: North Dakota Legislative Branch
Photo by: North Dakota Legislative Branch

(Bismarck, ND) -- The 68th legislative session is entering the 'home stretch', and that means plenty of bills being considered in Bismarck.

Of those include several transgender-related bills, which are moving through the legislature.

House Bill 1254 makes gender-affirming care for minors illegal. House Bills 1249 and 1489 prohibit trans girls and adult women from participating in all-female sports. Some of the legislation is going back to the House for consideration while other bills are going directly to Governor Doug Burgum's desk.

Meanwhile, Pensions may become a thing of the past in North Dakota.

State lawmakers have advanced a bill that would shift from pension-style retirement plans to a 401(k) plan. Opponents of the move say it's too risky and too expensive. If passed, it would be the most expensive bill in the state's history at about five-and-a-half billion dollars over the next 20 years.

And lawmakers are looking to support mobile home residents with new legislation this week.

Senate Bill 2243 requires mobile home park owners provide notice to the state if they plan on selling or transferring property. Violations could result in five-thousand dollar fines. The bill's passed the House unanimously and is on its way back to the Senate.