Burgum signs insulin cap, vetoes healthcare choice bill

Photo by: Governor Doug Burgum - Facebook
Photo by: Governor Doug Burgum - Facebook

(Bismarck, ND) -- State employees in North Dakota can look forward to lower insulin costs.

Governor Doug Burgum signed a bill Friday instituting a cap on out-of-pocket insulin costs for public employees.

The bill caps costs at 25-dollars per month for people on the Public Employees Retirement System plan. The move could affect as many as 25-hundred people. The cap could be rolled out to the public in 2025, which would impact about 60-thousand North Dakotans needing insulin.

In the meantime, Governor Burgum is vetoing a bill that would have provided more choices in healthcare.

Burgum vetoed the bill late last week, which sponsor say would have prevented health insurers from excluding some healthcare providers. He says more than 13-thousand North Dakotans would see an increase in healthcare costs if the bill became law.

The bill now heads back to the House for reconsideration.