North Dakota State Legislature: Governor Burgum passes tax cuts, veto of book ban bill stands, and more transgender related bills await signature

Courtesy: North Dakota State Legislature
Courtesy: North Dakota State Legislature

(Bismarck, ND) -- North Dakota lawmakers are working on legislation meant to address tax cuts, give direction for legacy fund spending, and several bills aiming at transgender student restrictions in schools.

Tax Cuts

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum has signed a major tax cut plan. The $515 million dollar package includes income tax reductions putting North Dakota's Highest Rate at 2.9%. Income tax will be completely eliminated for those making less than 45,000 per year. The measure also includes property tax credits for homeowners. 

Library Veto Stands

North Dakota's libraries won't have to review their entire catalog for sexually explicit material. The state House failed to override Governor Doug Burgum's veto of a bill that would have charged anyone who willfully displays sexually explicit materials at business establishments frequented by minors with a misdemeanor.  Supporters of the bill called the measure a question of morality. Opponents say the bill amounted to censorship.

Transgender Bills

North Dakota lawmakers are adding a proposal relating to personal pronoun usage to a bill that would regulate access to restrooms by transgender people. Lawmakers have tacked on a measure on to the bathroom access bill that would prohibit state agencies and public schools from adopting a policy that would require people to use a person's preferred pronoun.  The original bill would bar transgender students from using restrooms that don't coincide with their sex at birth. The also requires teachers to tell parents about a student's transgender status.  It's headed to the governor's desk.


The North Dakota Legislature passed a 66-million dollar measure yesterday to help address the childcare crisis.  The bill would help lower income parents with childcare costs, as well as providing grants to childcare providers and stipends for childcare workers.  Previous proposals by the governor, Democrats, and the appropriations committee included higher funding for the measure.  

Legacy Fund

North Dakota lawmakers are authorizing approximately $500 million dollars in spending from the legacy fund. A house bill directs the state treasurer to direct the money to several purposes; including allocating over $100 million to the Legacy Sinking and Interest fund, $225 million to the general fun for tax relief, and $100 million to the Highway Distribution Fund. Supporters say the money will be sued to create taxpayer relief. Opponents say the bill doesn't explicitly say how the money will be spent.