Minnesota passes three laws to protect abortion access and gender affirming care and to ban conversion therapy

Courtesy: Minnesota Office of The Governor
Courtesy: Minnesota Office of The Governor

(St. Paul, MN) -- A trio of new laws will shield people seeking abortion or gender-affirming care in Minnesota from legal consequences in other states. 

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has signed bills that are designed to protect, women, families, and children traveling to the state for abortion and gender-affirming care from repercussions and extradition orders from other states. Governor Walz also signed a bill banning the controversial practice of conversion therapy, prohibiting therapies aimed at reversing someone's sexual orientation. 

"The legislation would ban conversion therapy on children or vulnerable adults, prohibit conversion therapy from being offered under medical assistance coverage and eliminate the misrepresentation of services or products associated with conversion therapy, " said a statement sent from the Minnesota DFL. 

You can learn more about the newly enshrined laws by clicking here