ND gas prices increase slightly since last week

Courtesy: North Dakota AAA
Courtesy: North Dakota AAA

(Bismarck, ND) -- Gas prices across North Dakota have seen slight upward shifts since last week, but are largely down since mid April

The updated figures are being released by AAA North Dakota. They show that a gallon of regular gas across the state costs an estimated $3.41, compared to a $3.37 from a week ago. However, the average price is down approximately 15 cents compared to a month ago, and down 77 cents compared to a year ago. 

The average price varies across the state as well. The lowest averages can be found in Walsh County ($3.18) and the most expensive averages can be found in Grant County ($3.88). This also varies by city; with Fargo seeing the lowest prices in a large city ($3.36), followed by Grand Forks ($3.35), Minot ($3.40), and Bismarck ($3.44)

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