New North Dakota Republican Party chair: unfortunate that donation refunds "made the news"

(Fargo, ND) -- The newly elected chairperson for the North Dakota Republican Party is commenting on the party issuing donation refunds totaling $20 thousand.

"I think that's just, you know, unfortunate that we number one that its made the news, that something like that could be out there. But number two, that there is funding or finances that will be revoked or be moved based on leadership," said Sandi Sanford. 

Sanford spoke with WDAY Radio about the refunds each totaling $10 thousand, with one refund issued to Steve Stenehjem and the other to Gretchen Stenehjem. 

Sanford says republicans across the state need to give the new executive committee an "opportunity to do great work".  

WDAY Radio is reaching out to the Stenehjems for comment. 

Original Air Date: 
Thursday, June 22, 2023