Minnesota State Patrol brings in reinforcements to assist with WE Fest crowds

(Fargo, ND) -- A sergeant with the Minnesota State Patrol is talking about the extra effort required by his agency when WE Fest is underway in Detroit Lakes. 

"It does take a lot of extra people to work that type of event, and even though that event is going on, we still have things going on around our region within the district. So we bring in extra troopers from all over the state to come in and help with the traffic direction, the traffic enforcement, all those different types of activities," said Grabow. 

Jesse Grabow said the WE Fest crowd this year was bigger than it has been in recent years.

However, he said the number of traffic citations and warnings issued remained similar to the past few years.

Grabow said troopers issued a total of 442 speeding tickets and warnings.

Eighteen people were arrested for DWI.

The numbers don't include citations issued by the Becker County Sheriff.

Grabow appeared on the Flag's "What's on Your Mind".