Senator Kevin Cramer sounds alarm over Chinese nationals surveilling U.S. military sites including Minot base

(Fargo, ND) -- Senator Kevin Cramer is commenting on reports that Chinese nationals are posing as tourists while breaching U.S. military sites.

"We've had a similar situation near Minot, North Dakota where we have 150 intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads on them. It's not a hot tourist spot. What's being done about it is of course is they get caught, (and) they get questioned. What I think the greater concern is the collective to your point. There's over 100 of them that they've caught or that they've identified," said Cramer.   

Cramer said one way to help address the breaches is to restrict B-2 visas to one entry a month, and not several entries over the course of ten years. 

The senator made the comments while appearing on Newsmax.