South Dakota regulators deny permit application for C02 pipeline project submitted by Summit Carbon Solutions

(Fargo, ND) -- South Dakota's Public Utilities Commission today denied a permit application for Summit Carbon Solutions to build a pipeline through the state. 

The pipeline would be used to transport captured carbon dioxide from ethanol plants to an underground storage site in Bismarck.

The three-member commission voted unanimously to deny the company's application.

The decision was based in-part on the assertion by PUC staff that the plan would violate county ordinances. 

The denial was issued on what was supposed to be the first day of evidentiary hearings on the project.

Summit officials say they plan to make adjustments to their plan and resubmit their application. 

In early August, regulators in North Dakota also rejected Summit's pipeline proposal, based partly on concerns with the proposed pipeline's proximity to Bismarck city limits. 

Since then, the company has made changes to their North Dakota permit application and have resubmitted the application to state officials.