Scranton native announces she's cutting ties with Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation

Kat Perkins | Photo Courtesy: Kat Perkins Facebook
Kat Perkins | Photo Courtesy: Kat Perkins Facebook

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN – The news of the change in theatrical production companies at the Medora Musical Wednesday have caused a North Dakota native to cut ties with the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation (TRMF).

Kat Perkins, a native of Scranton and finalist in season six of NBC’s The Voice, announced Tuesday that she “will not be returning to Medora with her Rising Star Music Camp for kids after a seven-year partnership.”

“After the disgturbing news this week that the TRMF is ‘changing direction’ for the production of their highest grossing entity by hiring a ‘big box company’ goes against my values of what I founded my music camp and non-profit foundation on,” Perkins said in a press release. “Family first. Family over money.”

She said she will immediately seek out a new location for her 2024 Rising Star Camp for kids ages 12-18 with the hopes of holding a second session for ages 8-12.

“I wish TRMF all the luck in producing a historical ND family show with a company that is not familiar with the legendary area of Medora,” Perkins said. “I’m not sure it can be done with the success that Curt Wollan and StageWest has had for over 30 years.”

Perkins said she owes her success to the Curt Wollan family and StageWest Productions. She said she was given the chance to be a part of the Medora Musical at age 18.

“I would not be the performer and entertainer I am today without that chance,” she said.