Farmer fears use of eminent domain by Summit Carbon Solutions to complete CO2 pipeline project

(Fargo, ND) -- A South Dakota farmer is expressing concerns about Summit Carbon Solutions using eminent domain to complete their planned 2 thousand mile C02 pipeline. 

"It's always been about property rights and feeling that this is a private company using, trying to capture the CO2 and use it for private gain. We just don't feel that eminent domain should be used or was intended to be used for anything of that nature where it was a private company coming in and trying to one's personal property for private gain," said Craig Shaunaman. 

Shaunaman owns farmland near Aberdeen in the path of the proposed pipeline. 

Summit has previously sued several landowners in South Dakota as part of their efforts aimed at completing their project. 

The pipeline, if and when complete, would span 5 upper Midwestern states, including North Dakota. 

The plan is to transport C02 waste from ethanol plants and store it underground at a site near Bismarck. 

A representative with SCS did not immediately respond to a request for information from WDAY Radio regarding the company's use, or potential use of eminent domain in South Dakota.

A company representative recently told WDAY the company has not used eminent domain in North Dakota, and continues efforts aimed at securing permission from landowners in the state to build on their properties.  

Shaunaman spoke with Tim Flakoll while appearing on the Jay Thomas Show.