Armstrong on Burgum presidential campaign: "Doug gets to decide however long he's going"

(Fargo, ND) -- North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong was asked if Governor Doug Burgum should continue his campaign for the republican nomination for president. 

"I think Doug gets to decide however long he's going.  I think his voice and what he's talking about is important, from somebody who believes that the federal government is not a cure to everything that ails the average American, in fact I think quite the opposite. He has made the single best case for the Tenth Amendment of any of the candidates. So the longer that he can continue to make that case, and hopefully it resonates with anybody it can, the better off I think we are as a country.  

Armstrong was asked the question in light of the fact that Governor Burgum did not qualify to take the stage in Wednesday night's primary debate in Miami. 

Burgum did not meet a minimum necessary threshold in national polling to participate in the debate. 

Despite that, Burgum tells WDAY Radio that his campaign will continue. 

Armstrong appeared on the Flag's "What's on Your Mind".