Bond set for Walsh County man arrested following incident involving guns

(Grafton, ND) — An Ardoch man faces three felony charges following a December 12 incident in rural Walsh County.

According to court documents, Bart Plutowski, of Ardoch, was involved in a physical domestic disturbance involving weapons. Authorities spoke tothe victim of the incident, who stated an argument began about food with Plutowski, which escalated quickly. The defendant yelled at the victim, pointed a 44 Magnum revolver pistol at the victim’s temple and pulled the trigger.

Plutowski then allegedly placed the revolver under the victim’s chin and pulled the trigger two more times. The gun was unloaded at the time.

Plutowski then loaded the gun with one bullet, spinning the cylinder fast and closing it, stating “Let’s play Russian Roulette.” The victim stated they wanted to call their children and say goodbye.

At one point, the victim said Plutowski grabbed a rifle and fired a round into the ceiling above them. A second victim was in a bedroom almost directly above where the gun was discharged.

Plutowski was arrested for three felony charges — Domestic Assault - Aggravated Assault; Reckless Endangerment - Extreme Indifference; and Terrorizing.

He appeared in Walsh County District Court in Grafton Thursday morning and was assigned bond for $50,000 cash only. He will be back in court on January 8 for an initial appearance hearing in front of Judge Barbara Whelan.