Cass County Electric Cooperative continues efforts to restore power to impacted residents after intense ice storm

Courtesy: Cass County Electric Cooperative
Courtesy: Cass County Electric Cooperative

(Fargo, ND) -- Cass County Electric Cooperative (CCEC) says they are rounding the corner on restoring power to their rural members.

The update was shared on their social media channels Thursday morning. CCEC says 197 members are currently without power in their service area. This is largely due to snapped power lines and poles, which were downed in the wake of a holiday ice storm that laid 2-3 inches of ice on power lines and other critical infrastructure. 

"We encourage members who are still out of power to contact us even if the Outage Map shows all power has been restored in your area," said Cass County Electric Cooperative in a statement on their social media pages, "With the large amount of backfeeding and switching we are performing in an effort to restore as many members as possible, we want to ensure that your power is restored before you return home. Hopefully, saving you time or a trip"

Crews are continuing to work in the areas around Arthur, Fingal, Pillsbury, Page, Lisbon, Valley City, Rogers, and Lichville areas. Members of CCEC say they expect power to be restored in most of these areas by Sunday. Crews believe power in the Lisbon and Page areas will have their electricity restored by the end of Thursday.