Minnesota Republican expresses concerns over spending during 2023 and upcoming 2024 Legislative Sessions


(St. Paul, MN) -- Lawmakers will convene in the state capitol on February 12th to begin the 2024 legislative session, and multiple GOP lawmakers are sharing concerns regarding the previous session's spending levels. 

Minnesota Representative Jim Joy (R-04B) spoke on The Flag's Steve Hallstrom Show about the prior and upcoming legislative session. He believes a deficit is highly likely to occur sometime soon

"Knowing we are going into the session with an $18 billion dollar surplus of tax payers money...and to see that going out the door and spent was odd to me. It was just amazing how quick and how fast that money got spent," said Rep. Joy. "I really feel like we are going to have a deficit coming. [Democrats] feel that we are going to have a ballanced budget - there's no way."

Rep. Joy says he hopes his colleagues will join him in clarifying language in a bill that led to School Resource Officers being pulled from schools across the state. He also hopes to bring the newly approved Minnesota State Flag to a ballot vote across the state, instead of passing it through the House, Senate, and being signed by Governor Walz. 

Original Air Date: 
Wednesday, January 31, 2024