Minnesota GOP ready to oppose state's new flag

Courtesy: State Emblems Redesign  Commission
Courtesy: State Emblems Redesign Commission

(St. Paul, MN) -- The newly designed Minnesota flag is facing opposition from state GOP members. 

GOP lawmakers shared their opposition immediately following the publication of the new flag design by the State Emblems and Redesign Commission in December of 2023

“Minnesota’s state flag holds great historical importance and has united us by recognizing the people and events who helped create Minnesota,” said David Hann. “The flag the DFL has eliminated was a version of the historic flag our regiments fought under during the Civil War. Minnesota was the first state to offer troops to the Union cause in 1861, beginning a long tradition of leading the nation in confronting injustice. The DFL quest to erase our history is repugnant and should be rejected.”

The current flag design began adorning flagpoles in 1893 and depicts a white farmer working the land and a Native American riding a horse on a blue background. Sales of the old flag have skyrocketed at stores across Minnesota, as the new design could become the official representative design by the end of the legislative session.