Miller announces run for Governor, addresses illegals: "I would support deporting them"

Photo Courtesy: Office of Governor Doug Burgum
Photo Courtesy: Office of Governor Doug Burgum

(Fargo, ND) — North Dakota Lieutenant Governor Tammy Miller has entered the race for Governor.

“I have been contemplating a run for a while and finally made the decision, and it's so exciting to make the announcement today,” she said. “Leading up to this, I looked at my background as a CEO at Border States, served in that role for 14 years. I am a CPA, I have a strong financial background. I've created jobs grown a business, know how to balance a budget, maximize dollars, and I thought I need to take these skills to the citizens of North Dakota. I think my private industry experience will be very helpful to continuing this momentum in the state and taking it to the next level.”

Among other issues facing the United States, Miller said supporting illegals in any state cannot continue — and, if elected Governor, she would do something about it.

“We will not provide any benefits to individuals who are illegal in the state of North Dakota,” she said. “And I would support deporting them.”

Miller said law enforcement is “doing the best they can” when it comes to illegals.

“We know that a lot are being missed because the borders are so open in the southern part of the country,” she said.

Miller made the comments on The Flag’s What’s On Your Mind.