Kelly Armstrong on property tax relief: won't do any good if "getting chewed up at the local level"

(Fargo, ND) -- North Dakota gubernatorial candidate Representative Kelly Armstrong was asked what his plan is for managing the property tax crisis in the state.

"You can't just do it in Bismarck. You've got to get school board members, city commission members, county commission members and start talking about if the state is going to bring relief in the form of property tax buy downs. We did social service, we did all that. It doesn't do you any good if everything from the local level is coming up in valuations," said Armstrong. 

Armstrong said the state legislature has been good at providing tax relief at the state level. 

He also said efforts must be made to make sure that relief is "not getting chewed up at the local level".

Armstrong appeared on The Flag's "What's on Your Mind".