Kelly Armstrong on whether there's a place for illegal immigrants in North Dakota: "No"

(Fargo, ND) -- North Gubernatorial candidate Kelly Armstrong was asked if there is a place for illegal immigrants in North Dakota, and whether the state should provide them with benefits.

"No, the problem, I mean is we have 50 thousand open jobs. We have legal immigration, is a huge part of our ag community, it's actually been a huge part of a lot of different things in North Dakota, but, I mean the illegal immigration crisis on our southern border is our biggest short term threat to the autonomy of our country as a whole. Our biggest long-term threat is being 34 trillion (dollars) in debt," said Armstrong.   

Armstrong has also been drawing attention to the significant increase in the number of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. across the northern border. 

The representative had previously announced a congressional field hearing in North Dakota on the immigration surge at the northern border is set for May 29th. 

Armstrong made the comments while appearing on WDAY Mid Day.