Wrigley at Congressional field hearing in Grand Forks: "worst is yet to come" from impacts of illegal immigration

(Fargo, ND) -- North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley says "the worst is yet to come" when it comes to the impacts of the significant number of illegal immigrants streaming into the country. 

"The situation has deteriorated significantly in recent years and the current situation is untenable with millions of illegal aliens streaming across America's southwest border. North Dakota is already experiencing negative law enforcement impacts as a result of the Biden Administration's refusal to shut down the border," said Wrigley. 

Wrigley made the comment while testifying before a congressional field hearing this morning in Grand Forks.

Border security was the focus of the hearing.

Wrigley and Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner also highlighted concerns with the amount of fentanyl being brought into the country.