Outdoors Angle: Shotgun Maintenance

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     As we slide into the hunting seasons, taking proper precautions with your shotgun maintenance is needed to assure good working order when we hit the fields next week and beyond.

     Your shotgun "chokes" are located on the end of your barrel and we use different chokes for different types of hunting. These chokes can be almost impossible to remove if proper cleaning wasn't implemented. You need to take special care of the inner threads inside the barrel itself as this area is very prone to rust. Always remove the choke and  lubricate the inner threads as well as the choke itself.

     Another important factor is storage. Never store your shotgun in a gun case for a long period. Moisture will form inside then you will have a major rust problem. The shotgun needs to breathe. Store that shotgun in a child-safe environment using a trigger lock and store it without the case. If you have a safe, make sure you have a dehumidifier installed inside to gather moisture.

     I usually clean my shotgun after every day in the field, that's just my thing. Most hunters clean their shotguns about twice a season. Constant cleaning and oiling will give you peace of mind and proper storage will give that shotgun years of service.

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