8-07-21 America's Land Auctioneer

Episode Twenty-five
America’s Land Auctioneer and Pifer’s Land

Kevin Pifer, America’s Land Auctioneer is joined by Jeff Scafer and Lisa Pederson.  Kevin addresses the volatile drought situation in North Dakota and the region and the affects it is having on production agriculture.  The sustained drought is taking its toll on American agriculture and causing less yields to crops and stress to livestock herds.

 Jeff Scafer is in a two-year term as President of the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association.  Jeff is a 5th generation farmer and rancher in Wells County near New Rockford, North Dakota.   Jeff provides precision detail on the affects  the sustained drought is having on farmers and ranchers throughout North Dakota.

 Lisa Pederson is a Livestock Specialist at the Central Grassland Research Extension Center in Steele, North Dakota.  Lisa describes the different strategies for cattle herd management during a drought. These strategies will mitigate potential harm to herd health and improve feed sources.  What’s more, Lisa explains why rainfall at this time will likely not significantly improve grazing land until next spring 

Original Air Date: 
Saturday, August 7, 2021