Here in the north country, the venerable jig worm combination is one of the

best go to presentations on earth.  It catches all species of fish from walleyes

to large crappies and is easy to use.  Here is a jig worm primer.


1.)  Jig Choice

      Always go with the lightest jig head possible. The biggest mistake anglers

make is using a jig that is way too heavy.  A very light, 1/16th .oz jig head is the

ticket for all situations.  You want a light jig head because the fall of the bait

is slow and critical to success.  I prefer a long shanked, light wire jig which

easily pulls out of wood and debris much better than the typical heavy wire jig.


2.)  Worm Choice

       There is no doubt the rib style or ringworm style worm is tops.  The contour

of the rib style worm allows the fish to hold the bait longer and is far superior

to the standard, slim worm.  Color doesn't matter as it is more about putting it in the

proper spot !  I really like the 6 inch length which is perfect for bass and walleyes

and keeps the pesky sunfish off.


3.)  The "Scootch"

      The retrieve is all about the "scootch"....a term I use for working the jig worm back

to the boat.  It's not a constant retrieve but rather a slow and methodical retrieve in

short bursts.  Use your rod tip to work that back in short sequences.  Keep the rod

tip at 12 O'clock high and it will skip over weeds and debris.


     If you had to choose just one bait for the north country lakes, the jig worm

is at the top of the list !