Outdoors Angle: Diving Ducks On The Agenda


The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!


     As we head into the latter days of October, the arrival of the diving ducks such as redheads, canvasbacks and the like start their southward flights. I really love this time of the season when the migrating divers head into the Dakota's and northwestern Minnesota providing some excellent wingshooting through November.

     The majority of the outdoor types are now focusing on the deer hunting and the waterfowlers are definitely dwindling. This leaves a lot of room for us diehard duck hunters.

     I always do some adjusting on my duck decoys at this time of the season by segregating my diving decoys from my puddler decoys. Always leave them grouped separately by keeping the puddlers off to the side and place your diving duck group to the other side also leaving a gap between the sets to allow the ducks to land in between. If you notice, diving ducks and puddler ducks don't always mingle together. Giving them two choices with two groups, they will decide which decoy set they prefer. The more decoys you can place on the water the better off you are. Lots of decoys give the incoming ducks confidence that this is the place to be. We are now dealing with very cold temperatures in the mornings now as we head into late October. Dress appropriately and always wear your lifevest especially when traversing big water in the dark.


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